Entertainment Works


 Roger Steffens, Roger Steffens’ Reggae Archives; Founding Chairman, Reggae Grammy Committee
   “This is to confirm that I have known Nan Lewis in a professional and personal capacity for over twenty-five years. During that time I have known her to be a superb publicist and booster for Reggae music. She has a great way with people and always brings a positive energy to any project she is associated with. I can proudly recommend her services to anyone seeking thorough and enthusiastic professionalism.”

David Katz, Author and Journalist (http://www.davidkatz.net.tf/)
   “I have known Nancy Lewis in a professional capacity since 1997. On numerous occasions, Nan has secured interviews for me with different musicians, always arranging the interview appointment in a timely and professional manner. Nan has also assisted with providing original archive photographic material, which has greatly complimented my written work. The service Nan has provided to me through her Entertainment Works company has allowed me to meet my deadlines and concentrate on my writing. I am also aware that Nan has provided an important service to various artists from Jamaica and elsewhere, in helping them to have adequate overseas representation. I have always found Nan to be pleasant and courteous in the work she carries out, but above all, she has always been reliable. I thus have no hesitation in giving her the highest recommendation."

Haji Mike, DJ on OmyRadio and Greekbeat Radio; Power of Love/Olive Tree Music, Cyprus
    “I have known Nan Lewis since the early 1990s. She is one of the most professional, hardworking and humble PR people in the world of Reggae. If you want an interview, Nan can make it happen efficiently - and she meets tight deadlines. Nan is a great person with decades of experience. Nan Lewis, respect everytime!”

George Michailow, Booking Agent, Fast Lane International (George@FastLaneIntl.com)
   “We have known and worked with Nancy Lewis and Entertainment Works since the early nineties. They have been a major fixture in booking, promotion, and management of many artists we have worked with throughout the years. I have always found Nancy responsible, knowledgeable, and able to deliver professional services whether it was promotion, booking, or any other aspect of artists’ careers. I am happy to give Entertainment Works a hearty endorsement - and congratulations on their expansion.”

Robert “Higherman” Heilman, Writer/Reviewer, www.Reggae-Vibes.com and One Drop Magazine (RHeilman40@yahoo.com
   “Nan Lewis is exactly what Reggae music needs! Her tenacity, devotion, love and attention to detail set her apart from the rest. She has avidly worked with the biggest names in Roots Reggae music - and other genres - in an authentic and personal manner. I first linked with Nan two years ago and she has truly inspired me to raise the level of King's Music. Nan has always stayed true to her word and has provided me with links and interviews that I am forever grateful for.  There are few individuals in the music industry like her! With over thirty years of experience, Nan Lewis has earned her credibility. I endorse her with the utmost respect and sincerity.”

​10StarGeneral Culture, CEO/Presenter, Stockade Radio, http://www.StockadePromotions.co.uk
   "I have known Nan Lewis professionally for several years. I can honestly say not only is Nan very attentive, she also delivers on time; she is extremely professional and consistent. I will continue our awesome work and friend relationship till thy kingdom come." 

Sydney Chandler, Board Member of the Global Doo Wop Coalition/Doo Wop Music Hall of Fame, and CEO, SCM Entertainment & Media http://sydneychandler.wixsite.com/scment-media

   "During my tenure on the Board of Directors at the Global Doo Wop Coalition/Doo Wop Music Hall of Fame, I was at the helm when we planed our annul induction gala in 2016. Several legendary groups were inducted, including The Angels of 'My Boyfriend's Back' fame. Nan Lewis of Entertainment Works was an absolute pleasure to work with. Whatever I needed, Nan was prompt, thorough, and efficient. I would gladly work with Nan and Entertainment Works again - in a heartbeat! – because, unfortunately, the entertainment industry is filled with egos and attitudes, and when you find someone who is professional, and personable, it's a win/win for all involved."

​​Andy Roman, Director of Operations, RastFM Web Radio, support@RastFM.com
     "I have nothing but positive things to say about Nan Lewis. Nan set up an interview with Jamaican reggae legend Ras Midas; she coordinated all the details, made certain the station had Ras Midas’s up-to-date biography, discography, and music, and that Ras Midas was prepared for the interview. Nan promoted the interview extensively in the weeks prior to the airdate. Nan has also gone out of her way to promote RastFM, asking her former clients and artist friends to send the station their music. For a new station, it is a blessing to have someone as well-known as Nan personally contact artists on our behalf – and she provided jingles from Ras Midas for every DJ on RastFM. Nan is pleasant to work with - she has a reassuring, relaxing presence, she has great communication skills – and she is persistent, determined, hardworking, honest, and professional. RastFM looks forward to working with Nan in the future." 

Gail Zucker, Photojournalist, Rootz Reggae & Culcha Magazine/Alpha and Omega Productions 

   “If you’re not familiar with Entertainment Works, know that Nan Lewis is the best!”

Ras Danny, Radio Presenter, Higher Reasoning Reggae Time
   “I stand in testimony, from having worked with Nan Lewis at times over the last 14 years; she is a strength for Reggae music and the whole human race, just as she she [says]! Her word is true. Nuff respect!”

Dolores ‘Sista Dee’ Barbee, Owner/Operator/Rockers Corner Radio, Detroit, Michigan (www.rockerscorner.com)
  “I am endorsing Nan Lewis as a fair, honest and a trustworthy business person. She works hard for the artists that Entertainment Works represents, to make sure they get the best, most positive exposure possible. If you are working with Nan Lewis you are working with one of the best in the business. I say that without apology.”

David Oliver, Musician
   “Nan Lewis has always been a consummate professional in the Reggae music world. I, of course, know Nan from her years booking Winston Grennan Ska Rocks Band. During that time Nan booked gigs up and down the east coast. Her passion for Reggae music and her commitment to the musicians has always contributed to her success. Nan has developed a serious working network for many years and continues to garner respect within the music industry.”

Andy Bassford, Musician (www.AndyBassford.com)  
   “I worked with Nancy and Entertainment Works from 1992 through 1998, when she was the booking agent and publicist for the legendary Reggae drummer Winston Grennan's Ska Rocks Band, of which I was a member. During this period, Nancy worked tirelessly to both book the band and publicize Winston's considerable contributions to the music. She got us more and better gigs quickly and was always on the lookout for new opportunities for the band. Nancy is organized, professional, upbeat, energetic, and reliable. She writes well and speaks clearly. She combines a love for the music with the ability to be creative and practical about how to present it. I enjoyed working with Nancy and Entertainment Works and would happily do so again.”

Jim Nixon, Membership & Group Sales Manager, The Dali Museum (JNixon@thedali.org)
   “I have known Nan Lewis for the last eight years. I have had the distinct pleasure to work directly with her on marketing and advertising campaigns while she was the Marketing & PR Manager at the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her experience and professionalism make Nan an asset to any organization that has the fortitude to place her in their ranks. She is hardworking, dedicated and passionate about performing at the peak of her responsibilities. But above that, she has a commitment to excellence that is not always found in the market today. On a personal note, working with Nan would be a bright spot in anyone’s day. Her spirit and friendly nature make working with her such a pleasure that I can truly say, she made me want to accomplish more with her during our collaborations.”

Don Mitchel, Freelance Media Buyer & Planner (DonMitchell.media@gmail.com)
   “I worked with Nan when I was a consultant for an entertainment venue, the Mahaffey Theater. Nan excelled at developing mutually beneficial relationships with media partners to garner earned media exposure, which significantlysupplemented the paid media budgets of both the venue and individual promoters. Nan’s positive attitude and collaborative approach made her a pleasure to work with.”

Gordy “DJ Greedy G” Robertson, Radio Personality
   “Nan is the most professional person I know in the reggae music business. She has always supported my various radio shows over the years and is definitely a ‘go to’ person if you need the word spread about your music or shows.” ​

​Mike Haley (“Brixton Rat”), Radio Presenter/Sound Engineer/Producer
   ​“Nan is the cheerful whirlwind that should appear in every children's story. A great dynamic personality who is professional and precise in her organising abilities. If you get a chance to work with her you will be enriched by the experience.” 

​DJ Big Bod, Owner/Manager, BiteRadio www.biteradiouk.com
  “I recommend Entertainment Works! Nan keeps a super high standard as a publicist and promotor of reggae music and reggae artists. I would also add that Entertainment Works’ client Ras Midas is a singer/ songwriter of the highest standard.” 

DJ Kuryakin, Revelation Time Radio Show (www.cambridge105.co.uk/revelation-time) and Apex Hi-Fi Sound System
   “Nan Lewis has been an excellent source of help and support for my radio show, Revelation Time. Her efficiency and energy, combined with reliability, have been a valued resource and I am very pleased to have established contact with her - this has certainly enhanced my show in terms of providing interviews and music. I am happy to recommend to anyone in the reggae world to have dealings with Nan!”

​Tommy Fox, Manager and Host, Iturnally Dread Meets Rudie's Hi-Fi, www.WCSB.org
   “Nan Lewis works tirelessly to promote and raise awareness of Reggae music and artists. She is an asset to the global Reggae community.”

Rich "DJ Spleece" Moore, Radio Show Host, www.RealitySounds.com
   I've known Nan Lewis since the mid-90's. She's hardworking and honest and an overall amazing person! She's very well organized - I've always been astounded by the amount of work she produces every day. Nan is a true Ambassador for reggae music.

David “Sir Reggae” Freestone, Presenter on Harbour Radio, www.harbourradio.co.uk
   "It has been a pleasure liaising with Nan Lewis in arranging an interview with Ras Midas for my “Reggae Time Show” on Harbour Radio (UK). Nan is so helpful and very professional in the way she works." 

Sleng Teng, Radio Show Host, "Oldies But Goodies, www.RastFM.com
   "It's a privilege to have met Nan through the Rast.FM radio station. Nan assisted us in making our first ever interview for the station; she provided us with all the information and music we needed, and scheduled several conversations for us with Ras Midas, a living legend in reggae music. Thanks to Nan's skills, the interview was a great success. Rast.FM then created a mixtape of Ras Midas's music, "The One Love Revolution Mixtape."  The DJs at Rast.FM have all noticed that Nan has a great knowledge of reggae music, reggae artists, and the culture - Nan knows what she is talking about. In addition to her professionalism, Nan is, above all else, a friend and a truly charming person."

Big Jim Snidow, Radio Show Host, KUCI KMEC KLLG
I just love Nan's energy and how serious she is about Reggae Music. She's a complete professional, linking the artist with the radio DJ for interviews. For PR, there's "Nan" - higher RESPECT!